Dear visitor,

Welcome to Buurderij Maastricht !

How nice that you are interested in buying local, fresh foodproducts at Buurderij Maastricht.

You can order online and pick up your order every wednesday directly from the farmers. It is cozy to meat them and to see the other customers.  You can find us on 2 different locations  in Maastricht :

The Buurderij locations  :


In Maastricht West :  Drabbelstraat 7, 6212 XL Maastricht  in  CNME Natuurtuinen Jekerdal.  From 6.30 – 7.45 pm

Foto : Projectbureau A2 Maastricht / fotograaf Aron Nijs.

In Maastricht East : President Rooseveltlaan 213, 6224 CP Maastricht  in the Theresiaschool School. From 4.30 –  6.00  pm

It is all about local, ecological and fresh products.  A short food line between producer to customer.

Come and have a look at the products our farmers are offering. The Farmers and I are of course also available if you have any questions!

Do you have a question ?  Then mail me  >>    maastrichtbuurderij@gmail.com

How to join us  ?

Go to  boerenenburen.nl 

On the first page (at the bottum) of the website you will see  “Doe ook mee”.   It means “Join in too”.   Click there to make your account.   You can then indicate to translate into English.

How to translate the ordering site ?

Log in  :

  • Click “Aanmelden” (= log in) and give in your email adress and password
  • Then you’ll see your name right above the page
  • Click on your name
  • Click Mijn account  (= my account)
  • Click Taal (= Language)  and choose in which  language you want to see the website

How to order ?

Every week you can order until Monday night at 2:00  On the ordering site of “Boeren en Buren” you will easily find out all about the participating farmers / producers and about their products. The product range will vary per season, but sometimes also per week or per month. Do you want to have a look of do you want to order ?  Go to one of these two sites and click on “Producten kiezen” (= choose products)

Maastricht East   >>  https://boerenenburen.nl/nl/assemblies/11316

Maastricht West  >>   https://boerenenburen.nl/nl/assemblies/9218

We hope to see you soon at one of the first Buurderijen van Nederland in Maastricht!

If you want to order by mobile phone  :

  • Go to : boerenenburen.nl
  • On the start page : fill in “Maastricht” and you will see the 2 locations (2 houses = 2 Buurderijen)
  • Click on one of them
  • Than choose   “Alle producten”  (=  all products)
  • Give in your order. You will find the products you orderd in the basket = winkelmandje
  • Before paying they will ask you to make an account

Pick up your goods at the Buurderij !


Yvonne Velthuis

(and the farmers/producers)